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A Quick Post #39: Spoiling My Cat

Lately I've been spoiling the crap out of my cat. Working at a pet store means being surrounded by different types of food, and we've got just about every kind of canned cat food under the sun. Hanging around those aisles and seeing all the different varieties made me curious, so I've started KC on wet food as well as dry. After working out a feeding schedule for her, I've snagged up a ton of different kinds of canned and container food to mix in with her dry food. (I feed her Iams dry food.) She seems to like ocean fish the most so far concerning the various formulas. She's not a huge fan of stuff with cheese in it.

Last night I gave her a little tub of Nature's Recipe - Salmon in Broth. She ate just about all of it in a few hours, so I picked up some more today in different flavors. I also got some Blue Buffalo Bistro's and Iams canned food, so we'll see how she likes that too. I bought her a fancy white bowl for weekend meals: White Bowl Specials, if you will, where she'll be able to eat a whole can or tub of the fancy food that costs Mommy a dollar or more. I may not be able to play with her as much as I would like, but I can at least spoil her with good food. She's eating like a queen from now on.

I know, not a super exciting post. The next ones will be better.


10 - Let It Be Known...

...that I will not be touching Metal Gear Rising with a ten foot pole after seeing nothing but more ridiculous, nonsensical Ninja Gaiden gore bullshit in the new trailer.

I thought the first one was stupid, but this new trailer? Hardly anything in it reminds me of Metal Gear. The music, the graphics, the characters, the stupid narration--everything is eyeroll-worthy. If it's going to be this far removed from the franchise even as a spin-off, it should just be a new series. Raiden isn't acting like the same character at all. The gore is unnecessarily graphic and reminds me of Elfen Lied in its attention-grasping methods to try and mask the lack of depth and decency the story probably has. It has the same bland color scheme as Metal Gear Solid 4, but that's the only thing that makes me think of it.

I know Kojima allegedly had little to do with this spin-off but I can't help but be disappointed in him for having anything to do with this piece of crap. It feels like he's doing what he can to kill his own creation since no one will let him drop it, and it's very sad. What's worse, Metal Gear Solid 5 may not be an exaggerated rumor after all. First Devil May Cry, now this. Everyone is trying to brutally murder my favorite franchises with a hacksaw lately.


After a very rough weekend, I've been doing some thinking. For the next few years I'm stuck here saving money to move out and away, I want to do something productive. I need to save up a lot, but I want to do something nice too. Well, a few nice things, if I can. Everyone wants someone else to be the person who cares a whole awful lot. I think everyone else is scared to be that person, if not somewhat apathetic. Caring can be a very exhausting ordeal. I already know that firsthand. It's true it doesn't always pay off either. Some of life's greatest mistakes can come from trying to care, even from caring too much. But as someone who's been in that terrible position before, I think I've learned enough about when it's time to set sail from Giving a Crap Island when there's nothing left for you to do. So I'd like to try doing some nice things for others again.

I've decided to make a list for the remaining months of the year and keep a record of all the charitable things I do for each one. I'm at least going to try to donate a case of canned cat food to a foster-shelter every month. Or at least supplies. Money. Something.

Besides, donating helps with taxes, doesn't it? Oh wait I don't make enough for that, crap.

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Well, here's hoping I make a difference for somebody.


Goal List

Things To Do

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~ Lotus ~

Fifty-Sixth Blog: Backwards and Forwards

How is everyone doing? I'm finally relaxing after six days of work in a row. I am a sleepy flower.

It's funny how the simplest of things can make you happy if you let them. A day off after a long period of work, a yummy dinner made in a number of minutes, realizing your best friend ships you with her OC that you've developed a big dumb stupid crush on. Some days it appears that my brain just likes jumping back in time to when I was in middle school, wrote really silly tl;dr YuGiOh! fanfics (each chapter about 22 pages long in 10-size font), and had fantasies about being married to the boy characters I liked. In my defense I haven't done that in a really long time--not that my crushes faded, mind you. Some things you just don't want to grow out of. I've just been wondering is it stupid to fantasize about a life you want with someone you wish was real, even if the fantasy isn't anything really out of the ordinary by our standards? Is it so weird to wish for a life that isn't so unobtainable, but seems that way in real life? Is it weird to fantasize about marrying a hard-working and caring though somewhat uncouth man, having a son, and just settling down on a little farm, somewhere quiet with internet access?

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Princess Tutu Review

Princess Tutu is a tale of the young duckling Ahiru who finds herself brought into a whole other world by a mysterious man of magic named Drosselmeyer. Upon entering Drosselmeyer's strange world, a world that is actually a story written by Drosselmeyer himself, and gaining the ability to become human and study ballet, she finds that she has the ability to become possibly the only person who can save the prince of the story; known as Mytho: Princess Tutu, a ballet-dancing heroine with the power to convey her emotions and sway others through dancing. Only Tutu has the ability to return to the prince the shards of his shattered heart that was broken in his battle with the Raven, a monster that threatened to destroy him and his kingdom (the prince shattered his heart with a powerful spell to seal away both his true self as well as the Raven). However Ahiru soon learns that all is not as it appears to be, and that Drosselmeyer's plans for the story are far more tragic than she could imagine.

chypie got me into this series, so here's what I thought.


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Written: 4/28-29/2012

Description: Here we have the Once-ler, several years after beginning his new life as a recluse, drifting in his memories of his mistakes and his yearning for a chance for a better future that must come to him someday of their own volition, with a little help. (Consists of some minor personal head-canons. Feedback is very much welcome; I haven't written for quite a while. Enjoy!)

Rated: G

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~By smittenlotus~


Now for my thoughts on Hatoful Boyfriend: Bad Boy Love, in which from a mere dating sim spawns a tale of murder, war and boundless tragedy; starring intelligent teenage pigeons in high school.



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Hatoful Boyfriend Review [Part One]

After a recommendation from the reknown BNF zarla, I decided to give this game a shot. I heard a lot about it when it first hit the Internets and naturally, as I'm sure it seemed for most people, the entire game premise seemed very silly. You'd almost expect this game to be a dating sim parody. In some ways it almost is, but the entire game is really a pleasant surprise. In fact, it's the best game I've played all year. I'll mark for spoilers where appropriate!

This part is only going to be reviewing the first part of the game, without going into detail about the Bad Boy Love section. That part in its entirety is so different from this part that I feel it deserves its own analysis.

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