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Sixty-Seventh Blog: Happy Halloween 2012

It's been a while, everyone. I hope you're having a good autumn. If any of you have the misfortune of being a resident of anywhere in the path of Hurricane Sandy, please stay safe and warm. (I know Halloween may as well be canceled where you are, but I hope you can manage to have a good one anyway!) Meant to finish posting this on Halloween, but I got side-tracked. My bad.

I'm sorry for not writing more lately, just haven't been in the mood. Been doing a lot of gaming and watching different movies. By the way, if you're a fan of dark comedy, Death to Smoochy is a much better film than people think it is. Robin Williams plays a hilarious psycho. On that note, if you like the Halloween films starring Michael Myers and haven't seen Rob Zombie's new reimaginings of the films, you may like the first one, but avoid the sequel. It's utter garbage. Friends of mine are excited for Wreck-It Ralph. It looks like a cute film, but I haven't been drawn into the buzz yet. The only real film I'm anticipating right now is The Hobbit.

I'm trying to get what little enjoyment I can out of our autumn before we're ultimately doomed by another frosty long winter. I don't know if we'll have much snow or not, but it seems highly likely at this point. It's dropped down to the fourties, and almost all of the trees are naked right now. Work's been getting progressively slower due to the fact no one wants to go outside and puts errands off until the last minute.

                              This sure brightened my day yesterday, a new trailer for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs:

Fortunately it looks like Frictional hasn't been goofing off with their delaying the game until next year. They've got new voice work, beautifully creepy new environments, new puzzles (oh hey, hidden door), a nice new soundtrack, and it appears that new protagonist Oswald Mandus may actually have a place as the "Alexander" of this game rather than a "Daniel," a arguable victim of circumstance in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It's heavily implied there may have been human experimentation goings-on, much like in TDD when Alexander transformed his servants. It's vague though; the monsters could be mutated pigs or humans mixed with pigs into some genetic freak show at this point. This game features a plot in a more modern time (about 60 years after the first, I think?) and less isolated area, so unlike TDD, I don't think there will be any sort of magic or what have you. It's likely to be much more realistic and much more gruesome. It's not exactly subtle that the "pigs" of this game that are directly mentioned are in fact humans. The question is, what kind are they? Is it a pun on the insult for "police", maybe?

Oswald Mandus appears to have a daughter as well, so that's something new. Daniel in TDD had a younger sister, Hazel, but she played a role in mentions of his backstory, not the plot. It affects it however as when Daniel kills a little girl he and Alexander have kidnapped (along with the rest of her family), he finally realizes things have gone too far, and makes a decision to stop Alexander who has been leading him on as a puppet the whole time. If Oswald's daughter is in fact alive, perhaps it will fall upon the protagonist's shoulders to find her. At one point in the video we see Oswald following what appears to be another character, so maybe we'll have some new interactions with mobile characters too (rather than someone like Agrippa, who was unable to move and served as more of a plot key).

Right now I'm wishing for 2012 to end as quickly as possible. It's been a rather uneventful and dragging year for me for the most part, the highlight of which has been finally meeting chypie and little else. I'm feeling much better than I was previously, however, so I'm thankful for that anyway. I'm finally writing again, and trying to see where it goes. I guess we'll see.