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Sixty-Seventh Blog: Happy Halloween 2012

It's been a while, everyone. I hope you're having a good autumn. If any of you have the misfortune of being a resident of anywhere in the path of Hurricane Sandy, please stay safe and warm. (I know Halloween may as well be canceled where you are, but I hope you can manage to have a good one anyway!) Meant to finish posting this on Halloween, but I got side-tracked. My bad.

I'm sorry for not writing more lately, just haven't been in the mood. Been doing a lot of gaming and watching different movies. By the way, if you're a fan of dark comedy, Death to Smoochy is a much better film than people think it is. Robin Williams plays a hilarious psycho. On that note, if you like the Halloween films starring Michael Myers and haven't seen Rob Zombie's new reimaginings of the films, you may like the first one, but avoid the sequel. It's utter garbage. Friends of mine are excited for Wreck-It Ralph. It looks like a cute film, but I haven't been drawn into the buzz yet. The only real film I'm anticipating right now is The Hobbit.

I'm trying to get what little enjoyment I can out of our autumn before we're ultimately doomed by another frosty long winter. I don't know if we'll have much snow or not, but it seems highly likely at this point. It's dropped down to the fourties, and almost all of the trees are naked right now. Work's been getting progressively slower due to the fact no one wants to go outside and puts errands off until the last minute.

                              This sure brightened my day yesterday, a new trailer for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs:

*SQUEE* ...oh wow, appropriate.Collapse )

Right now I'm wishing for 2012 to end as quickly as possible. It's been a rather uneventful and dragging year for me for the most part, the highlight of which has been finally meeting chypie and little else. I'm feeling much better than I was previously, however, so I'm thankful for that anyway. I'm finally writing again, and trying to see where it goes. I guess we'll see.


Resident Evil Damnation Review

So yesterday I watched Resident Evil: Damnation, the second CG-I Resident Evil movie since Degeneration. As someone who's never played the games and isn't 100% familiar with the characters, I have to say I enjoyed it regardless.

"And the Hollywood movies! I love those things! I have fifty DVDs, none of them are pirated!"Collapse )


How is everyone doing?

Other than my work hours trying to end my existence, I've been doing much better. I'm kind of bummed my bestie in Cali has been busy lately, but I'm finally starting to write again. Sort of. It's at times like this that I can see why it took the original writer of The Thief and the Cobbler such a long ass time to try and write something he cared about so much. I have a lot of elements that I need to sort through and figure out what I can use and what I should save for other stories. Writing your personal perfect adventure is rough. Being distracted by Envy and FMA Brotherhood hasn't helped.

I'm pretty sad the Nostalgia Critic won't be doing much in that character anymore. saemir and I always liked to watch new videos of his whenever we'd hang out together. At least I still have Phelous' work.

I hope everyone has a nice autumn~<3 Nothing's better than the clean smell of the air and the lack of awful summer heat.


It's been another period of ups and downs.

I have braces on my top row of teeth now. My mouth isn't as sore as it was, but it's robbed me of a lot of natural enjoyment of eating. I have brackets, which seem to be easier to manage than regular braces, I guess? It's only now they're starting to become easier to deal with. With any more time and luck hopefully I'll forget they're even there (not entirely, obviously).

Yesterday while waiting for the bus to work (which I actually didn't have to take, but wasn't aware of it at the time), I could smell the beginnings of autumn in the air. The wind was chilly but it felt so good after such a dry summer. It carries a lot of memories for me of when I was younger and in Catholic school. We used to have a festival in the parking lot every year around this time--rides, tents, food, the whole shebang. I remember the lot of us would take extra long bathroom breaks just to look out the bathroom window and watch the carnies setting up the rides, wondering if they'd have any new ones that year. The teachers used to come in and scold us for taking so long, and heaven help them if we were in a classroom facing the parking lot that year. Those festivals were always a blast, even one year where we had a lightening storm and hung out in the tents for a while.

The leaves have slowly started to fall from the trees too. I've missed fall more than I realized. Work's beginning to pick up in terms of busy days, so I'm dreading the holiday rushes to come. I have three new betta fish now: Pepperoni, Jack and Bardock. Pepperoni is a beautiful bright red. Jack and Bardock are both different shades of violet. <3

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood ThoughtsCollapse )

Have a link to my favorite wrestling match ever for no reason. :> The Undertaker will always be my favorite.


Leafie, A Hen into the Wild Review

((See the film here! There's six parts in total.))

First Hatoful Boyfriend, and now this.Collapse )



Well, it's been a little while longer than usual since I've updated. I hope anyone who takes the time to read this insignificant little blog of mine is doing well.

I've been hit hard by food poisoning the last four days. I was very fortunate it didn't last longer. Since I had the most painful earache last year, I can't recall a time I was more terrified due to a sickness; or when I suffered so much. My family was of no help, and now I know I'm truly on my own. They're little more than my landlords and primary mode of transportation now. Maybe that's a good thing. I've been trying to do more on my own, haven't I? In any case I don't know how I got sick, and it's very maddening. I've been washing my hands constantly, and due to sheer paranoia I don't think I can ever eat any of the things I ate on the day I got sick ever again. I know that's extreme considering that salmonella can infect you up to 72 hours prior, but what else can I do?

Vidya GamezCollapse )

Poke'mon B&W Sequel Plot GripeCollapse )

Work hasn't been super hard this week. I just hope it stays at a manageable level. I've said a lot of things I regret this week to people who really do care about me, and I wish things didn't hurt me so much these days as they seem to.


Smitten's Fish List (July 2012)


Here's a promised pic of my 29G's new residents: Jean Pierre the angel, and Jacques and Jacque (like "Jackie") the pink kissing gourami. I've redone the tank to have a "France" theme. I feel it suits the kissing fish well. <3 I'm trying to keep live plants again, so I put in some amazon swords. And yes, Jacques is named after Jacques Portsman. I just feel it's very appropriate: pink kissers are showy but in actuality big cowards (at least mine have been), and well, they're pink!

I'll try to post more here later. LJ is being a douchenozzle again and the server keeps resetting when I try to upload pics. >:(

Unfortunately yes, my poor fancy calico ryukin goldfish Lulu has gone to Fishy Heaven to be with Emmet, Ingo, and Once-ler. I'm going to miss her. Farewell, little fatty girl. I love you~

How has everyone been lately?

I've had a lot of up and down days recently. Not really anything super new. It turns out the release date for Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs has been pushed back to early next year due to the massive response to the trailer. Guess they went "Oh shit, we have a cult following now, we better not fuck this up." Which is good, but still, there goes the one thing I was looking forward to this year. Goddammit. There's still a faint glimmer of hope for the English Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, but I'm not betting on it. I think I'm going to buy an old copy of Sims 2. I miss playing that in middle school.

Fish UpdatesCollapse )

I hung out again with saemir a few days ago, which was fun. We ragged on shitty shounen shows/manga as per the usual and went to our closest 24 Hour grocery and bought candy at 10 pm. Good stuff.

Yesterday night my mother found a quartet of baby opossums hiding in our flower bed. We think their mother is what's been raiding our trash cans for the last two weeks. They were really brave; weren't scared of us at all. (One was munching on a toad and grossing my mom out.) We gave them a bit of cheese too.

Here's three out of four. They were so funny, their heads seem too big for their bodies.


maya fey

GET ON MY FUCKING PC but please take all the time you need Frictional because I love you.

This is it. I'm going to buy this game and play through it completely blind. I admit it: I was a big chicken and ruined Amnesia: The Dark Descent for myself before I played through it by watching Lanipator's Let's Play. BUT NOT THIS TIME.

I am going to play through it blind and record myself playing it. Holy hell. TAKE MY MONEY FRICTIONAL GAMES



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